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+ 7 users for the last week

Do you want to play tennis, but can't find a partner?

Lack some players for your football team?

Are you bored and want to get moving?

SpottySpo can help

How the service works?

The main part of this service is sport matches

Sport matches separated by:

Kind of sport
football, basketball, badminton, tennis, squash
skill level
pro, ex-pro, amateurs, beginners
date and time
comfortable for you
field or court nearest to you
set cost for match participation
get notifications from interested players

Not ready to create your own sport event

choose sports you interested in
receive notifications about new events
create request on participation
Let's create sport community together!

Service functionality

every sport event has own chat
all participants receive notifications about sport event progress
manage your sport events from your messenger
Rate events, share your emotions in reviews, encourage your partners
get rate points for event participating
change you address when travelling and connect with local sport events
compete with your friends
we'll motivate you to not miss trainings